Valentine’s day romance for busy parents

By Annie Holland / February 13, 2012

Wow, what a cliche title, nice job Annie!Well, cliche or not, it’s the absolute truth and I’m not backing down. I had 2 sick kids with bronchitis, one (almost) sick grad-student-working-mom ( aka. me), one busy dad that’s been moonlighting as WonderDad ( aka. making things happen at home even when he’s not there, especially…

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Goodbye and thank you, 2011!

By Annie Holland / December 31, 2011

It might sound strange but when I woke up today the first thing I wanted to do was check my social media accounts. No, I’m not that kind of person, who sleeps with her cell in hand, looking for updates on her FB throughout the night, but today is different. So, why the sudden curiosity,…

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Simply Maria

By Annie Holland / December 21, 2011

It is more than a year, since Maria and I spoke about guest blogging. She wrote about me in the Summer this year, and I…with all my engagements and stuff, managed to translate and post her piece today, the first day ( and last as it turned out) of my winter break.It might have taken…

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Back to school thoughts

By Annie Holland / September 13, 2011

It is amazing how time flies…Today your kids are babies and smell of milk and honey, snuggling close to your breast, tomorrow they are going on the bus by themselves. Yes, my little one is not so little anymore. Sigh. I wanted to share with you what her teacher gave the parents on the day…

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Being 5….

By Annie Holland / August 26, 2011

This was one of the nicest birthday parties we had so far. I was worried that I won’t have time to organize everything because I was at work, but with good planing and with smart ideas to save time, I think we all did great. Not to mention we did a little renovation ( pictures…

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By Annie Holland / July 20, 2011

If you have seen “Monsters Vs. Aliens” you know who I’m talking about. That’s the name we gave to the blueberries we picked at the farm this week.See for yourself: Not to brag, but these blueberries were the rule, not the exception. I have never seen more ginormous or more flavorful blueberries as these, honest!…

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Cherries in the rain

By Annie Holland / July 9, 2011

  It’s a week after I actually went cherry picking in the rain, but I still wanted to share with you something, a story about positive thinking and how it really works. Am I writing this about you…or just to remind myself when I’m feeling down, it doesn’t really matter. What matters is that for…

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When it rains it pours…

By Annie Holland / March 27, 2011

For those of you who have kids I won’t be saying anything new- kids grow up too fast.  It feels like it was yesterday when my kids were babies and were needing me all the time and although I’ll never admit it, I liked it. To be needed so much can be addictive. And it…

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New year Banitsa lucky verses in English- Novogodishni Kasmeti

By Annie Holland / January 1, 2011

New Year’s Eve and New year’s day  in Bulgaria are celebrated pretty much as everywhere else. However, one part of the tradition that is preserved to present days is the Banitsa s Kasmeti.  *** Milk and cheddar banitsa***   Traditionally Banitsa s Kasmeti is a round cheese and eggs phyllo dough pastry that has the…

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Don’t you just love pink?!

By Annie Holland / October 21, 2010

It took me long enough…my daughter’s birthday was 2 months ago and since then I’ve been thinking of posting her birthday preparation pictures. It’s the first time we are doing anything in pink for her and it was quite something ( according to her and her guests). Well, don’t blame me for the pink, I…

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