When it rains it pours…

For those of you who have kids I won’t be saying anything new- kids grow up too fast. 
It feels like it was yesterday when my kids were babies and were needing me all the time and although I’ll never admit it, I liked it. To be needed so much can be addictive. And it was. 
That’s why I didn’t see that coming. 

In December a very talented lady who’s blog I follow posted that her son initiated sleeping in his own room by himself. I read that post then and I thought how true it sounds and how I hope that my kids won’t need separate rooms anytime soon.  I was terrified of the idea not only because of them but because of me as well. We have 3 bedrooms – one the kids were using, one for me and my better half and one was used as an office/art/craft/guest room. Giving up my work space at the same time when I’ll be getting used to the idea my kids need their independence would have been tough and I knew it. 

So you can imagine how I felt when on 22nd of December we had a family meeting ( to discuss some issues going on like – she did it, he did it) and this came up as a solution to their frustration from sharing a space. I was stunned. Just a week before I said I won’t be doing that, because there is ( and I quote) ” no way to find space for all the stuff in the guest room”. My only hope was my husband at this point, because I know how much he hates renovations, remodeling and everything that starts with RE. 😉 Boy, was I wrong! In 14 years that we’ve been together that was the only time I heard him not only wishing to participate in arranging separate rooms for the kids, but actually suggesting it! And all of that 2 days before Christmas. 

I thought this is crazy, that there is no way it will work ( mostly because I didn’t want it to work) but everyone was so eager…so wanting me to figure out a way to make it work  ( as always)…that I couldn’t let them down. 

It was ( and still is) very hard on me though. I haven’t said anything to the kids, because I don’t need to burden them with all of that since they are so happy they have their own rooms for themselves but I felt so robbed of all the things I was used to- them being together and the security I felt in that, having my own space, where I can work and not be disturbed, and finally having a bedroom where I can relax and rest. My everything felt invaded- my space, my soul, my emotions. It was such a mixed feeling- being happy for them being happy, but being sad for them being happy and being sad for me. 
I’m better now and trying to “invest myself” in redecorating their ” grown up” spaces so they feel even more comfortable in their rooms, but it’s not easy. 

I’m a creature of habit and I liked my old bedroom, it was peaceful and calming. Nothing close to the Grand Central that my bedroom is now,  with all the art/craft stuff, the huge bed, the computers, books etc. And I swore before that I would never have a computer in my bedroom. 🙁 Not to mention that my current bedroom was redecorated as a double kids room just a year before ( you probably remember the post about it) and I really liked it, but it was a kids room.
So very soon I’ll post pictures form before and after so you can see what I’ve been working on. 

Have a wonderful Sunday!