Don’t you just love pink?!

It took me long enough…my daughter’s birthday was 2 months ago and since then I’ve been thinking of posting her birthday preparation pictures. It’s the first time we are doing anything in pink for her and it was quite something ( according to her and her guests). Well, don’t blame me for the pink, I kept my ground long enough, believe me!

You have probably seen the post I wrote for the Tutu(s) I made for her birthday and her birthday cake, so I won’t show any pictures of that, but she insisted on me publishing the “behind the scenes” version too.

So, let’s start, shall we?

I got the invitations from Party city,  initially I wanted to make them myself, but when we were there I noticed these cards and I thought they fit perfect. The only thing I added was the actual tulle tutu on the cards. That I made by hand. 
Ellie's birthday invitations0003 (2)

We made perfumed confetti as well and added them in the envelopes. It came out very girly! 🙂
Ellie's birthday invitations0004 (2)

This is how the birthday party began…
Ellie B-Day 20100002

Not the happiest kid on the block, right?
Ellie B-Day 20100015
I think it runs in the family, but whenever we girls are hungry, don’t mess with us! 
(This is the part where the different shapes cucumber sandwiches, the fruit and vegetable platter and the nuts and dry fruit came in handy)
Ellie B-Day 20100022
Ellie B-Day 20100024 

A closer look
Ellie B-Day 20100028
The funny thing is that she chose the menu, the colors and how to arrange everything. Yeah, and she is only 4! I can’t wait for the time she’ll be 14! LoL
Ellie B-Day 20100033

Ellie B-Day 20100032 Ellie B-Day 20100034
After we ate the cake, it got even better!

Ellie B-Day 2010-40015

And that’s how we finished! With a big, big smile!

Ellie B-Day 2010-30001