Being 5….

This was one of the nicest birthday parties we had so far. I was worried that I won’t have time to organize everything because I was at work, but with good planing and with smart ideas to save time, I think we all did great. Not to mention we did a little renovation ( pictures to come) of the house and this the week before the birthday party.
You can take a look of some of the decorations in my previous post about it, and here is the finished table:
Ellie 5th B-day Party 101
Please, excuse the quality of the pictures, they were take with my phone, because my camera died just when the birthday party started.
The games and crafts we had outside and the cake and pizza inside. I think it worked out wonderful, otherwise I would have had to switch between food and craft. This way I prepared everything in advance ( the little pink bags hold the craft parts).
Ellie 5th B-day Party 115
And here is the cake :
Lalaloopsy cake02
And the birthday girl with big smile 🙂
Ellie 5th B-day Party 130
This is a picture of some of the crafts the kids did. I thought a door hanger will be the perfect craft for a Lalaloopsy birthday party, because her Pillow Featherbed doll has a pet sheep and she likes to sleep.
Ellie 5th B-day Party 144
The games included a version of “Hot potato”, balloon popping, marshmallow tower. We also had pictures of the Pillow Featherbed doll for coloring.
It was fun, but I’m so glad it’s over. LoL Until next year.