Native American Festival -part I

By Annie Holland / September 30, 2007

I have to tell you, that I’ve never been a big history (books) fan, mostly because I find that history as a concept is just someone’s truth about events, that happened in the past. That, however does not mean it describes exactly what happened, does it?On the other hand there is no other way of…

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Starting a new tradition

By Annie Holland / September 25, 2007

After a “long” absence, I’m back ( and I’m knocking) 🙂Just kidding! (I’m saying, in case you haven’t seen the Mr. Opportunity TV commercial) It’s been quite a week – couple of books, dozens of magazines, one new CD and I don’t remember how many movies!In a brief manner, here is the summary: Books: Nice…

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Baby monitor Nation

By Annie Holland / September 16, 2007

What a great innovation was the baby monitor when it first got on the market!Parents were fascinated with it, babies were left in its company for long, without the fear of the parents, etc.Then, people discovered it is not so reliable- sometimes it is not sensitive enough, sometimes you just can listen radio station on…

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Why wearing a baby?

By Annie Holland / September 13, 2007

And since I started the whole wearing-a-baby topic, here is an article written by me about the benefits of the babywearing : First of all, because it is CONVIENIENT, for you and your baby- you can go whenever, wherever, and do whatever without feeling overwhelmed by the many things you have to carry with you…

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Me as a babywearer

By Annie Holland / September 13, 2007

Why I did not wear my first baby ?Well, the simple answer would be because I did not know what baby-wearing is.When Kalin was born I was an unexperienced mother that only wanted the best for her child.Well, I tried to do my best- I have read huge amount of maternity books, tried to eat…

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Surprises- a curse or a blessing?

By Annie Holland / September 3, 2007

There are people that don’t like surprises and there are some that just die for a surprise. I am the latter , but I just don’t remember when was the last time I was pleasantly surprised. I say pleasantly, because you know, you can always be unpleasantly surprised but a nice surprise is another story.Don’t…

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For the Men and Beasts ( not mice)!

By Annie Holland / August 29, 2007

That was quick! Two postings in one day, it must be the heat!I really don’t ( usually) write follow ups but this is a special occasion.Was I the person that wrote ” the one and only person who let’s me dream blah-blah-blah” in the previous posting?! Was I wrong or what!!!My beloved husband comes back…

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Kicking butt

By Annie Holland / August 28, 2007

I am back! Thank God, because at some point I was not sure I would EVER find the time to add a second posting to my blog !I guess everything starts with the first step but the second, third and fourth are nonetheless important. There are so many things people start just for the sake…

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How I became a blogger ( and whose fault is it)!

By Annie Holland / August 23, 2007

Do you know a person that always has been at the two ends between the contemporary and traditional? That’s me, Annie! Thank God for my better half ( Alex) who always pushed me to live with the future as present, so I would not retire emotionally at 25 :-). He is the one who always…

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