Gluten Free Coconut Chocolate Cake with Cream Cheese Ganache Filling and Coconut Whipped Cream

By Annie Holland / February 17, 2015

I don’t know  how long it’s been since I made cake, but this is an extremely quick and delicious recipe for a gluten-free cake that you shouldn’t miss. In general I don’t like coconut, but the smell of the coconut flour is out of this world. I hope you enjoy this recipe! Ingredients: For the…

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Mustache Cake with Push Pops

By Annie Holland / August 23, 2013

It’s so funny that I am back with a post about Ellie’s (my daughter) birthday cake. Although this time it’s not a cake…exactly.  When she announced her MUSTACHE birthday party theme I was ecstatic. I LOVED the idea of making her all kinds of arts and crafts ( which I did of course, you can…

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Polka dots cake in black, white and yellow

By Annie Holland / September 3, 2012

To me, there is cute…and there is Ellie cute.I absolutely adore the way she has a very clear idea of what she wants, with no hesitation and drama. I often joke that she is such a low maintenance kid, but it is true. She very rarely asks for things but when she does, she is…

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Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Cake

By Annie Holland / August 19, 2012

It is funny how sometimes I have trouble deciding on the design of a cake for a particular person. Sometimes I would come up with a design that is nice, but still I don’t feel like it has that “wow” factor. Other times, I just know exactly what I want and how I’m going to…

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Chess B-day Cake

By Annie Holland / August 18, 2012

I have always wanted to make a chess cake and I am glad my son decided to have one for his birthday. One thing I decided to make a little  bit differently than usual is the way I molded the chess pieces. I would have made them out of fondant, but then I decided to…

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Fondant parrot, fondant palm, fondant waterfall, fondant Mom.

By Annie Holland / April 21, 2012

You know there are days, when you go to work and you just know it’s going to be an awesome day. That day was Thursday for me. My boss left for me a contract to do from top to bottom ( excluding baking, cutting, icing and stacking, which was perfectly done by Matt and Chris),…

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Movie/Cartoon characters

By Annie Holland / March 18, 2012

There is nothing more rewarding than seeing the faces of the kids( and sometimes the grown ups) that these cakes were for !   I wish I had some of these when i was a kid, it would have been awesome! Do you know, that when I was growing up, the last birthday cake I…

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Fondant Lorax

By Annie Holland / March 10, 2012

Don’t  you just love this bushy mustache? 🙂 How about this tree trunk? Check out the bark! The tree came out awesome I think, I can’t wait to see the pink “leaves” added to it. Don’t mess with him, he’s the Lorax! When I have pictures of the finished cake I’ll show you! A

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Urban Chic

By Annie Holland / January 21, 2012

I couldn’t resist to share that a cake that Tosha and I made had a photo shoot! Everything looks stunning- from the venue, to the color scheme, to the arrangement, great job guys! The idea for the design of the cake is Tosha’s, I covered the whole thing in the sequins ( don’t ask…

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Wear it or eat it?

By Annie Holland / January 5, 2012

Just some cute pictures of some sugar fashion. I hope you like them! 🙂     Something for our favorite men as well. The drawing is done free hand with buttercream.     I really like how the brass detail came out. Fancy belts are also very popular.    Some lace for cute girls! Ruffles are…

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