Cake Spotlight: Tosha Giovannone

By Annie Holland / December 22, 2011

 Since the first moment I met Tosha, I decided this is one of the most precious people I’ve ever worked with. If it wasn’t for her, I don’t believe I would have liked my work as much as I do now. She always makes me smile and is ready to help and share knowledge, which…

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The Cake Show Chronicles

By Annie Holland / October 26, 2011

Although the cake show was in September, I think it still might be interesting for you to see the cakes that we showed. Unfortunately I have pictures only from one of the shows we participated in, technical difficulties. Sigh. Anyway, here is or cake display : This was the setting: These are the cakes that…

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That’s what it’s all about!

By Annie Holland / September 30, 2011

The past couple of weeks we had some awesome projects at Coccadotts. Very challenging but fun. However, every time I make something like that…I rarely see the customers when they pick it up.Not today.Today I even have a picture of the person that it was for, smiling while holding his cake. And that’s what it’s…

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By Annie Holland / September 28, 2011

I feel compelled to share something, because people keep asking me why I am not publishing things as often as before. Ok, here it is.You all know I got a job ( hence all the cakes) but I haven’t commented the fact that I started my Masters degree as well.  I have TONS of materials…

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Work can be fun!

By Annie Holland / August 7, 2011

It’s true, work can be fun and I’ll prove it to you! Take a look at these: I also had the honor this week to design some case cakes too ( that are available for purchase right away on promotional price). Every week I make new designs and so far I haven’t repeated them. So…

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Cupcake Wars!

By Annie Holland / August 4, 2011

It’s finally out in the open and we are allowed to tell! 😉  Coccadotts participated in “Cupcake Wars” and they will be on Food Network on August 9th at 8 pm!  I hope you will share the excitement and join us next Tuesday for some free cupcakes! Join us here! And here are some of…

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More Coccadotts cakes

By Annie Holland / July 13, 2011

First of all, that’s going to be one LONG post. My schedule is a total mess right now, mostly because I’m trying really hard to finish the final manuscript of my children’s chapter book ( by the end of August I have to submit to couple of agents, have your fingers crossed for me! That’s…

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The craziest cake YOU’ve ever done!

By Annie Holland / June 28, 2011

I have always wanted to ask-what is the craziest cake you have ever made? Was it crazy big?  Was it crazy complicated? Or was it just crazy in nature?  Please, please share! I’m dying to know! If you can show pictures, even better! And while I wait to hear from you, let me tell you…

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It’s in the details…

By Annie Holland / June 16, 2011

Today I have worked on such a cute project!  A full sheet babyshower cake that was supposed to have a large scroll ( I made it with diaper ribbons) , a frog, a turtle, a stork holding a baby and a little bee.  I loved making all these details! Here are some pictures ( with…

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Mold or handmade?

By Annie Holland / June 6, 2011

Every once in a while I love a challenge. However, sometimes the idea of a challenge can be overwhelming. On Saturday I got a picture of a cake that I had to recreate without the seashell molds. For seashells that were done for 20 minutes by hand, I think I did pretty well, didn’t I?…

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