Fondant parrot, fondant palm, fondant waterfall, fondant Mom.

You know there are days, when you go to work and you just know it’s going to be an awesome day. That day was Thursday for me. My boss left for me a contract to do from top to bottom ( excluding baking, cutting, icing and stacking, which was perfectly done by Matt and Chris), but here is the best part- I could do it the way I wanted! I LOVE contracts like that! 🙂

The cake was supposed to be parrot with palm trees and a waterfall. I admit, I went a little ( or a lot) overboard with the details, but I soooo enjoyed it! ( Rach and Matt, I hope you can forgive me!) 🙂

So, I started with the actual cake first, then I went to work on the parrot.
I have never made a waterfall from fondant before, but the ones I’ve seen always looked too stiff for my taste, just marbleized fondant in blue. I wanted it to look more realistic. So, I printed pictures of waterfalls. Real ones.
And here is the cake:

Cakes April 201225

I wanted white foam, splatter, white, lots of white. You would not believe how much white there is in waterfall water! I don’t know why, but it helps me more to look at pictures of real things that I have to recreate out of fondant, than to look at fondant replicas of the same things.

Here are some details:

Cakes April 201226      Cakes April 201227
 That is the back. I am mighty proud of these palms. Yes, I looked at real pictures for these too. 
Cakes April 201230
Some more details again: 
Cakes April 201229       Cakes April 201231
 This is a side view: 
Cakes April 201228

How about that parrot you would ask? Coming right up!

Cakes April 201232    Cakes April 201234

And here he is:
Cakes April 201236

I had so much fun coloring him too!
Cakes April 201239

And I named him…Rico. I know, I know,don’t say anything. 🙂 I don’t name all of the cakes I make, duh! 🙂
He is a bit of a show off, so he’ll turn around for you:
Cakes April 201240   Cakes April 201241   Cakes April 201242


Cakes April 201243

 I’m a sucker for birds. It just comes so naturally when I start making them! You probably remember my Firebird cake?
Unfortunately, as it happens with  most of the cake decorations I make, I couldn’t see the finished cake, but if someone at the bakery remembered to take a picture for me, I’ll definitely show you how it looked like. 
I hope you enjoyed my little parrot story as much as I did making it!
P.S: What about the Fondant Mom from the title? Oh, yeah! I almost forgot, my daughter started calling me Fondant Mom. 🙂 Cute, right?