Mustache Cake with Push Pops

It’s so funny that I am back with a post about Ellie’s (my daughter) birthday cake.
Although this time it’s not a cake…exactly.

MayJuly2  2013 (29 of 31)

 When she announced her MUSTACHE birthday party theme I was ecstatic. I LOVED the idea of making her all kinds of arts and crafts ( which I did of course, you can check them out here) for her special day. But then we came to the cake problem. Hm…I have to admit, after so many years making so many different and elaborate cakes, we all felt kind of …not very fascinated ( to put it mildly) with the idea of another cake. Maybe that’s why my husband chose for me to make him a banana cream pie for his birthday, instead of a cake. In any case, we wanted something with a bit of “PIZZAZZ”.  Did I mention that we are going to have 13 kids, not like we originally planned 8?  Our house is small and that many kids with cake…not a good idea in my book. So, I remembered from my Coccadotts days that Push-Pops are containing the mess of  cake eating very well, and I decided to go for it.

I ordered Cake Push Pop Containers with Lids – 25 ct from Amazon and while I was at it, I decided that there is no way I am baking sheets of cake and cutting it; therefore, I bough the Wilton Nonstick 12-Cavity Whoopie Pie Pan, which fits the Push Pop containers perfectly by the way.

Then I realized I had a problem. Ellie, my daughter, wanted cake out of push pops. She was imagining blowing the candle on a cake and all, but still having the push pops. While I love her dearly, there was absolutely no possible way, I would bake a cake AND make the push pops. So, crafty mom at work mode worked out very well when I saw the Wilton 1512-0719 2-Tier Treat Pops Stand. I just new that no matter it’s made out of cardboard and it looks sort of…uncouth, I can totally make it work.
This is how it looked like before:

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Trust me, this is after I glued it with a hot glue gun and made it stable.
I found a pink box to glue on top that was the perfect height to glue the candle later.

MayJuly2  2013 (17 of 31)

Not bad, huh?

I was hoping to have a video on how I decorated it, but I already mentioned my video camera kind-of-sort-of died, so until I can fix the old one or until I find a job that will pay for a new one, I’ll have to stick with pictures, sorry.
So, where was I? Oh, yes, the tulle. Did I mention that my daughter has 234495857 tutus that I made for her a couple of years back?I love that kind of stuff and the idea to “dress up” the push pop stand in a tutu, well…just kind of popped up in my head.

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This is how the magic happens. I love, love, love working in my new studio and I am so glad I finally have the time to do it.
This is how the stand looked like after I was done embellishing it with the glue gun, paper and flowers.

MayJuly2  2013 (22 of 31)

Now, you would notice the tiny mustaches that are on the push pops. These are fingerstache tattoos from Oriental Trading. I was lucky enough to catch them when they had black only. Initially I was thinking of attaching paper mustaches to each push pop, but I kind of had the feeling that will be a problem, when the kids start eating them. So, I used the tattoos, same way you would do it on your hand- with water. Would it stay forever? I doubt it, but at least until the party is over they will be OK I think.

This is the final shot with the candle on top. Today I am supposed to fill them up with the tiny brownies I made, cream cheese icing and fresh strawberries. YUM!!!

MayJuly2  2013 (30 of 31)
I am kind of feeling a bit nervous not to smudge the mustaches on the front, but I’ll have to make it work.

As it turned out the tattoos held pretty well. Here is the already filled cake:

MayJuly2  2013 (81 of 94)

If you are interested how I made some of the decorations you see on the back, you can check out  my ‘Stache Bash Extravaganza post in the Arts and Crafts section. There are going to be some FREEBIES too. 😉
Gosh, I missed blogging…Sorry for the long post. 🙂
Ta-ta for now,