Polka dots cake in black, white and yellow

To me, there is cute…and there is Ellie cute.
I absolutely adore the way she has a very clear idea of what she wants, with no hesitation and drama. I often joke that she is such a low maintenance kid, but it is true. She very rarely asks for things but when she does, she is very particular. However, when she asked for “fashionable pool party”, naturally I had concerns. In general, “fashionable” and “pool party” don’t go well together in my vocabulary, but Ellie assured me it will be “spectacular”. If there is one thing that I was sure of it’s that if there is one person that can pull that off, it’s definitely Ellie.

So, we began with the preparations. In Bulgaria we have a saying that sometimes you buy a button and then sew a coat to match it, in the case of Ellie’s B-day party it was quite similar.

We got the dress first
Ellie 6th B-day party53
 and then coordinated everything to it:
– The invitations
Ellie 6th B-day party3
– The cake 
Ellie 6th B-day party11
Ellie 6th B-day party12    Ellie 6th B-day party13
– The table
Ellie 6th B-day party18
Believe it or not these napkins were chosen from 3 different kinds of black napkins with white dots ” because they are the right size”. ( eye roll here)
– The balloons
Ellie 6th B-day party27
It was a beautiful summer day, a fantastically fun pool party, and our amazing girl turned 6 just like that. 
Ellie 6th B-day party16 
Ellie 6th B-day party15
Happy birthday, my little sunshine! 
Ellie 6th B-day party8