Surprises- a curse or a blessing?

There are people that don’t like surprises and there are some that just die for a surprise. I am the latter , but I just don’t remember when was the last time I was pleasantly surprised. I say pleasantly, because you know, you can always be unpleasantly surprised but a nice surprise is another story.
Don’t get me wrong, it’s not like nobody wanted to make me a nice surprise, no! Quite the contrary! But the thing is that somehow I always manage to guess and ( unfortunately) spoil the surprise.
So that is how I came to the point that nobody wants to even try to surprise me anymore.
How is that possible you would ask? Well, recent example about this is how last month my husband after quite a while decided to try again and surprise me with a nice lunch prepared by him. For a recipe he visited this amazing website ( there every recipe is explained and showed in pictures step-by-step from a male perspective). Girls, take a note and show your husbands right now! 🙂
Of course, at the beginning I didn’t know about that, but when we were at the store and he started filling the cart with things that he usually does not pay attention to, and quite frankly I didn’t even think he was aware you can buy them from there ( probably because they usually magically “grow” in our refrigerator when I decide to cook something, just like toilet paper “grows” in the bathroom). I mean, seriously, do your husbands know where to find an eggplant ?!
So then I suspected that he is up to something, but didn’t say anything, just smiled.
We were just passing the ice cream section and I blurted ” Are you gonna make me Ratatouille for lunch?”, just like that!
He went from chalk white trough pale green to bright red and his eyes became the size of tennis balls!!!
( Just to mention, I’ve never made ratatouille, nor I knew how to make it or what kind of vegetables are in it! I swear to God!)
At that point I wished I could take it back, but it was too late! He was so mad, and I felt so silly, because I didn’t do it on purpose!!! I didn’t think about it, I just said it! I can’t explain how is it possible, because he could have done million other things with eggplant, but no! I said the exact one he decided to make!
It was awful!!!
Same thing with Christmas, Birthdays etc presents! I know the present even before he thinks he knows it! How is that possible?! Is it a telephaty? Is it pure luck? Or curse?
Well, I started thinking about surprises today because I really long for a nice surprise, the kind you dream of but why, why I am making the life of my guy so difficult by involuntarily not allowing him to surprise me!
Here, a friend of ours had birthday today, his wife wanted to surprise him with a party. So it was done! He didn’t suspect A THING!!! He felt so miserable, I got to tell you he was ready to cry, because he thought he wouldn’t be able to have the party, and all his friends said they are busy and could not come 🙂
His wife asked me to make him a cake, and I came up with this one.
Honestly, I am not very pleased with the result, because I did not plan for that baby-shower blue to come of the famous Wilton Blue color dye, but what can you do, when you are stuck to the only one store that is open after 9 pm ( aka Walmart), you don’t have too much choice, do you?
Seriously, what is it with stores here?! Why is nobody working ( except the already mentioned one) after 9 pm?! These people are loosing soooo much money from night owls like us 🙂 But anyway!
The cake turned out fine, it was my first one with lace and brushed leafs, but I did good I think. On the inside it was chocolate cake with walnuts and chocolate cream ganache.
Our friend liked it too! I can’t believe the poor guy when he opened the door of his apartment, I thought he would die from heart attack or something! 🙂
Thankfully, he is OK, safe and sound( and drunk by know I think 🙂 ), and enjoying the last minutes of his birthday!
There is a promise that I can be held up against! 🙂 I promise, the next time that I feel like guessing a surprise I would always think about Angel’s face ( that’s our friend’s name) and therefore I will keep my tongue behind my teeth 🙂
From now on, NO MORE SPOILED SURPRISES ( I hope 🙂 !!!!

P.S: I just want to spoil one last surprise !!! ( Harry Potter fans, do not read any further!!!)