For the Men and Beasts ( not mice)!

That was quick! Two postings in one day, it must be the heat!
I really don’t ( usually) write follow ups but this is a special occasion.
Was I the person that wrote ” the one and only person who let’s me dream blah-blah-blah” in the previous posting?! Was I wrong or what!!!
My beloved husband comes back from work and I am all shining with joy ( because I found a little time for my blog).
I ask him what he thinks of my new blog posting ( after all he is one of my 2 subscribed members, that is like what…50% of my regularly visiting audience, if he’s not happy, the business is bad)
“I got to tell you I am confused” he says.
Pause follows.
” About what honey?” I ask happily.
” About your new blog posting”
Here I am bursting to ask him all the questions I wanted to all day and I am expecting a glorious review about my posting of course ( not to mention I write about him, and in a positive way though 🙂 )
” What is the problem?” still happily -me.
” I am not quite sure I understand what’s it about”
” What do you mean?”- unbelievably- me.” What part isn’t clear?”
Well at this point I am thinking all grammar, punctuation and vocabulary, because English is my second language, you know)
” Well…I don’t know….All of it I suppose” here he has a look of the Siamese cat who just took the canary out of the cage and you see the little yellowish feather under his paw.
At that point began the revelation…wait! No! The epiphany!!! He needed somebody to read it to him with the correct voice ( perhaps?) !
Nope. That was not it.
A translation?( there is still hope!)
Nope. That was not it again.
And so on, and so forth ( I don’t give up so easily 🙂 )
When we got to the point that I had to explain the whole idea and he started asking BUT WHO had told me something to offend me so I would write something like that, that was it!
The whole wrath of Hell unleashed upon him, poor soul :-).
Was it fiction? Was it non-fiction?
What’s the difference?! It’s a blog for Christ sake! If I want to invent a hairy puppy with red collar exactly the same as Mrs Smith’s on our street would it be more true than the example about the garden plant and the “fat” remark?!
Don’t answer, rhetorical question! 🙂
And the thing is, I know he doesn’t mean bad. He just didn’t know what was it about 🙂
What is it with men and fixing things?! Changing light bulbs, killing cockroaches, opening cans, warming feet?
They want to make our life better, but sometimes just from trying too hard they kill all the worms in our backyard ( as Barbara DeAngelis once said) and don’t have anything to do anymore for us. Do they constantly need windmills to conquer to feel happy and more important, can’t they realize that sometimes we, girls just need to be the blond, who prefers to be called more often Beauty ,than to be necessarily saved by the Beast?

P.S Honey, I really hope it’s clear this time! 🙂