How I became a blogger ( and whose fault is it)!

Do you know a person that always has been at the two ends between the contemporary and traditional? That’s me, Annie! Thank God for my better half ( Alex) who always pushed me to live with the future as present, so I would not retire emotionally at 25 :-). He is the one who always finds new, innovative and cool stuff and bugs me to start using it. I think you got the idea when we are 50-60 years old , who is going to be the coolest grandpa and who the grumpy and nagging grandma. 😉 And I have to live with that.
I have to live also with the thought that he made me use a computer when I was 17 ( have mercy please, to have a home PC in the early 90-s was a real luxury in my country), that I got my first cell phone under his influence when I was 21 ( boy, does he regret that now!), then changed couple of dozen cool e-mails ” because this one is the coolest, hon!” , then became a forum junkie ( can I even live without checking my messages at least 125 times a day?!) , my personal website, the personal networks he joined and made me join too…He hooked me up to ALL of them, I gotta tell you!
But the last thing I didn’t wanted to give up to was the blogging!
It took me long enough guys and today I officially announce the birth of The Newest Blogger in Internet- a.k.a ME!
It doesn’t matter how long it takes me to warm up to the idea, it’s the result that comes out of it ( so far so good I gotta say) and hope you enjoy it as much as I will!
( Frankly, you better do!) 🙂
See you soon or as Tigger says – TTFN!!!

P.S: For those who haven’t read ” Whinnie the Pooh” ( shame on you!) TTFN means Ta Ta For Now!