More Coccadotts cakes

First of all, that’s going to be one LONG post. My schedule is a total mess right now, mostly because I’m trying really hard to finish the final manuscript of my children’s chapter book ( by the end of August I have to submit to couple of agents, have your fingers crossed for me! That’s why I’m not very active on my blog right now but I have tons of information to publish ( if I only had the extra pair of hands or at least 4 more hours a day).

Anyway, I wanted to show you couple of cakes (and decorations for cakes) that I’ve made( or participated in the making of) in the past couple of weeks, I hope it will be interesting for you.

These couple of weeks we had a lot of different orders. 
Some clients were graduating…
Graduation cake July02
Others were proving that party all summer is not a bad idea…
Birthday cake July03
And of course what’s a party without fashion…
Coach shoe and bag01
(The two shoes and the purse are miniatures)
Coach shoe 201
Others decided to hide behind the mask for their Sweet 16
Coccadotts cakes July 1301
And then again there are the movie lovers ( don’t forget Harry Potter is coming up this week!) enjoying their popcorn and sweets
Movie cake 01
Of course if you are not up for a movie a trip to the casino is also a nice choice
Coccadotts cakes July 1302

But beware, no Monkey business!
 Coccadotts cakes July 1307    Coccadotts cakes July 1308
Because Law and Order is always near
Coccadotts cakes July 1304

Unless you want to go into stealth mode

Call of duty cake01

And hide behind the trees
Fondant 2D trees01

Anyway, kick back and relax
Coccadotts cakes July 1303
If you are Apple fan ( I’m not) you can relax with iPad in hand too.

iPad cake01

Oh, and last but not least- my first buttercream wedding cake. I’ve been practicing some piping the last couple of weeks.

Coccadotts cakes July 1310

As they say on Looney tunes- That’s all folks!
Enjoy your summer,