The Cake Show Chronicles

Although the cake show was in September, I think it still might be interesting for you to see the cakes that we showed. Unfortunately I have pictures only from one of the shows we participated in, technical difficulties. Sigh.

Anyway, here is or cake display :
Cake Show Franklin Plaza 201105
This was the setting:
Cake Show Franklin Plaza 201102
Cake Show Franklin Plaza 201110
These are the cakes that I made:
 Coccadotts Cakes 33309
This one we sprayed gold after I took the picture
Coccadotts Cakes 33302
Don’t you just love my shoe?
Coccadotts Cakes 33305
Coccadotts Cakes 33304
In this one I participated only with finishing touches( new ribbon and the cameo)
Cake show cakes201101
I made the cameo by hand, no mold or anything.
Cake show cakes201103
This picture is awful quality, but all of these are made with my a hurry.. Not to make excuses but…yeah… The cake is hand-painted again. No stencils.
Cake show cakes201104
This one is painted by hand, no stencil or anything. I used food coloring in case someone wants to know. Each side is different as I made the “people” from each picture move one picture to the right on the top tier. It was a great visual trick. If you click on the picture in the album you can see more pictured of this cakes of the other sides etc.
Cake Show Franklin Plaza 201107
This one is hand-painted by me, my colleague Tosha covered and made the circles.
Cake show cakes201107
This one is mine 
Cake show cakes201113
These are the cakes my colleagues made:
* Nicole
Cake show cakes201109
* Matt
Cake show cakes201110
* Tosha
Cake show cakes201111
 I apologize for the quality of the pictures again and I hope you had fun looking at these.