Mold or handmade?

Every once in a while I love a challenge. However, sometimes the idea of a challenge can be overwhelming. On Saturday I got a picture of a cake that I had to recreate without the seashell molds. For seashells that were done for 20 minutes by hand, I think I did pretty well, didn’t I?

Sea cake 01

Sea cake 04

I must note that the guy who I work with that made the icing did and outstanding job with the buttercream, it was a delight to work on the surface. 

 Sea cake 02      Sea cake 03
Here are some red ( Japanese?) cherry blossoms 
Japanese cherryblossom ( red)01

And a huge shoe cake that I didn’t get the chance to take a picture of before it was boxed. 
Shoe cake02
* Again, excuse the quality o f the pictures, I took them with my phone. I honestly have no way of having a camera handy while I’m working.

Later this week I’ll share the progress of a cake with a fondant figure that is going to be “in the air”. Just a little teaser 😉

Have a fun week everyone!