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Last Minute Valentine’s Day for Free

By Annie Holland / February 14, 2014

A quick, easy and (almost) free idea for a last minute Valentine’s Day present for your sweetheart! And before you start thinking I am compulsive “hair-behind-the-ear” person, that was our signal for my daughter ( 7 years old) to stop the video. I guess she forgot LoL 🙂 Very improvised video, but I hope it’s…

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Valentine’s Day 2014

By Annie Holland / February 2, 2014

I am happy to report that this year for Valentine’s day I finally got the opportunity to draw my first digital cards collection. This has been in the making for what…3 years now? LoL 🙂 Anyway, it was a great, great fun, and I am currently working on a couple of digital prints similar to…

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Ellie’s gingerbread village project

By Annie Holland / December 8, 2013

I don’t normally post things that we do with the kids for school, but this is so cool I had to share. Ellie had a project that I was supposed to help her with ( there was a lot of glue gun use). She came home with a milk carton, painted, cut and divided in…

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Mixed Media = great fun!

By Annie Holland / November 19, 2013

Ever since I began my artistic journey many years ago, I always, always always wanted to try mixed media. It sounded sooooo cool… so mixed…and  so media. And I like mixing things. Long story short, I never quite got around to learn how to do it. I had 1-2 not very successful experiments but that…

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Woodburning 101 part 1

By Annie Holland / October 26, 2013

I often get e-mails asking me how I woodburn and awhile back I came up with the idea to make a series of videos showing what my process of woodburning is. I am glad to say that  I finally got to do it. I hope you don’t mind the mess in my studio. 🙂 If…

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I deserve that pumpkin medal!

By Annie Holland / October 25, 2013

In Bulgaria there is a saying that when somebody is not going to be “rewarded” for his/her effort ( in monetary or other way), he/she would be given a pumpkin medal. I absolutely, positively believe I deserve one tonight! I came back from work, made dinner, listened to everyone complain about their day, then proceeded…

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My first book is available for purchase online!

By Annie Holland / October 8, 2013

After 6 whole years writing, planning, editing, drawing, worrying- the day finally came! At last, my first chapter book for children with the fuzzy title “Woolly” is available for purchase online! Yay! In 6-8 weeks you will be able to purchase it through Amazon as well, but for now, BUY THE BOOK”WOOLLY” HERE. The book…

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The first book and calendar are here!

By Annie Holland / September 30, 2013

Ok, I can’t wait any longer- THE FIRST BOOK AND CALENDAR FINALLY ARRIVED! YAY! I am so excited that I decided to shoot a short video of how I open them. Please, excuse the quality of the video, my little girl couldn’t wait to open them and we had to make do with my phone,…

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By Annie Holland / September 13, 2013

Over the years ( 6 to be exact), I’ve often talked about publishing my children’s books ( also 6 at the moment) and some of you were even my “Guinea Pigs” as test readers. I’ve received a lot of encouragement and support, a lot of praise, and of course a healthy dose of criticism. Sometimes…

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Teacher Appreciation or Back-to-School gifts

By Annie Holland / September 8, 2013

As a tradition on the first day of school, I send each of my kids’ teachers a “survival kit”. That survival kit includes a woodbuned box with each teacher’s name and some office supplies. During the school year I send additional school supplies from time to time to fill the box again. I think it’s…

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