I deserve that pumpkin medal!

In Bulgaria there is a saying that when somebody is not going to be “rewarded” for his/her effort ( in monetary or other way), he/she would be given a pumpkin medal.
I absolutely, positively believe I deserve one tonight!
I came back from work, made dinner, listened to everyone complain about their day, then proceeded to make two kids Halloween costumes because ” by the way, we need them for tomorrow”, not next week as we initially thought. Yup.
I am so extremely lucky that my kids are so incredibly awesome and agreed to make the costumes with what we had.
An old Superman cape quickly became a part of the “pile of leaves” costume of my daughter, as the same costume included a crochet hat that we had from before. 250 fabric leaves and 10 hot glue gun sticks  later, she IS a pile of leaves!

Halloween 2013 (5 of 5)

My son wanted a creeper box “mask”, which if we bought from the store, believe it or not would have cost $20. A cardboard box for $20! Can you believe it?! So, we just got a plain shipping box and one roll of duck tape, and we were all set.

Halloween 2013 (1 of 5)
Pumpkin medal or not, at least I got to hear that I’m “the best mommy in the whole world” at least 3 times! What a better reward, right?

Happy early Halloween! Now I’m going to bed…hopefully.