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Painting fever – the new living room!

By Annie Holland / June 30, 2008

Hi guys,I’ve been busy, busy, busy! This weekend’s project was the living room ( long overdue).Before we painted it was eggshell color and in my opinion it wasn’t painted at least 4-5 years, because the walls were in horrible condition.Unfortunately, I don’t have a picture ” before” that can show how bad it was, only…

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Father’s Day surprise

By Annie Holland / June 14, 2008

One of the surprises we had for our Daddy was that we decided to give him his presents today instead of Sunday( mostly due to safety reasons for keeping the presents undiscovered).We were thinking really hard what to give him and finally we came up with the idea! We made him a poster size scrapbook…

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When Monday is Tuesday

By Annie Holland / June 3, 2008

Did I say I was going to throw a party when this month is over? No?! Hm, I thought I did, but maybe this is one of the gazillion things I’ve forgotten lately.9:00 pm- I am seating peacefully ( for the first time today) at the table, eating ice cream and thinking how I am…

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Scrapbooking Epiphany- Part VII

By Annie Holland / May 14, 2008

I cannot believe it! I have finished it!!! Finally!!!Twenty five pages biography in 8 days precisely!!! It’s a miracle people, a miracle!Somebody would think that a small person like this didn’t live enough to fill 25 pages of scrapbook biography, but this is not true! There were so many interesting things I wanted to include,…

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Scrapbook – Almost there! VI part

By Annie Holland / May 5, 2008

Since today we were invited on a BBQ, I wasn’t sure I would have time to do any pages for the scrapbook. But, luckily ( and thanks to my husband) I’ve set aside couple of hours and the result is 4 pages down!!! Can you believe, I have only 3 pages to go! This seems…

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Scrapbooking progress part V

By Annie Holland / May 4, 2008

Here I am again! I can almost see the finish line! 17 pages down, 8 to go! Not bad for a week of work.Here are the new pages that I made yesterday: -Getting the news that we are pregnant – the 3rd Birthday celebration-Little sister is born – Our home – Friends Here is the…

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NASA Birthday Invitations

By Annie Holland / May 3, 2008

Remember the Birthday invitations I published couple of days ago?I am talking about these: Well, I had trouble finding the right envelope for them, since the size wasn’t standard and I wanted it to be somehow connected to the whole ” space Birthday” idea.So…while browsing in the store today it suddenly hit me! I can…

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Scrapbook- I see the light!!! ( part IV)

By Annie Holland / May 3, 2008

Thanks to a lovely lady from a Bulgarian forum with the beautiful nickname Despina, I have many ideas how to make the pages that I have left easier, faster and better!Well, sleeping would definitely help, but if not else, I feel a little bit more confident now that I can finish them on time.Here is…

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Scrapbook dissapoinment- III

By Annie Holland / May 2, 2008

I am so disappointed in the way the last pages turn out 🙁 Working after the kids fall asleep just doesn’t work for me. I am so tired by that time, that I can barely keep my eyes open and it definitely shows in the result. I made 9 pages so far, 16 left.When I…

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Scrapbook double trouble

By Annie Holland / April 30, 2008

Here I am! It’s 8 am and I am up and running. The scrapbook goes VERY SLOWLY! I can’t believe that I managed only 3 pages yesterday! How am I ever going to finish it by the end of the week?!Anyway…at least it is one page more than the day before.Here are the pages I…

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