Happy Birthday Hunger Games Style

My  little boy is not so little anymore. It seems like yesterday, when I was lying in my hospital room, talking to him, reassuring him all will be OK and that we soon will be together. 
Now, I have a cold, lying in bed, and he hugs me and is telling me it’s going to be OK. 
He wanted Hunger Games as a theme of his party, and I was happy to oblige. Considering, I really didn’t have the time to make any of the designs I knew that Etsy is my way out. And I found exactly what I was looking for at Abracadabra Parties- a Hunger Games Party Pack for printing
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All I had to do was print everything, glue, cut and assemble, but boy was it easier than doing everything myself! The envelopes, invitations and seals for the invites were absolutely amazing! 
I was a bit worried about the goodie bags, the theme was the easy one to work with. But, I did find awesome Spiderman Frisbees that I Mod-Podged with the district seals. Cute Hunger Games buttons I found, glow sticks, stickers, magnetic bookmarks and cookies and cream Hershey chocolate, and I was done!
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This is the dining room, where we kept all the food and drinks, plus some extra chairs for the kids to sit if they want. 
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This is the living room, where we did all the games and stuff. All these goodie bags on the mantelpiece looked really awesome. The posters that I ordered were great! One of the games was building your own “weapon” out of kitchen supplies, demonstrating it and keeping score based on design, name and deadliness. Believe it of not, my tiny daughter won, because while she was demonstrating, she caught one of the older kids from the audience. Yes, her weapon was “deadly” 😉
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Another game was for them to try to throw “spears” made out of straws and tape into jars with different points on them. That was really fun!
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I think that the best game was the “Would you rather…” Hunger Games style, as we hid two questions in each golden balloon with a question mark on it. This was so entertaining, that we couldn’t stop! The kids were starving by the time we were done, but after all…it was a Hunger games party, right? LoL
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And now the food…Vanilla bean yogurt, graham crackers and blueberries = Nightlock Berries cheesecake. Win! 
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Real goat cheese and fresh strawberries= Prim’s goat cheese and berries 
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Some sweets from Mellark bakery ( someone misspelled it, uh-oh ) 🙂 These are madelines- chocolate dipped and regular.
Kalin 11th B-day (21 of 69)
Fire Crystals ( regular rock-candy)
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Effie’s tarts = egg and cheese, and spinach tarts in filo dough cups. 
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Fire Juice ( regular strawberry juice)
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What is a Hunger Games party without mockingjay wings ( aka. chicken wings)? 
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And the Pizza Arena is pretty self- explanatory. 
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And the cupcakes… Ah, the cupcakes! Courtesy of my friend at Coccadotts Cake Shop, marble cupcakes with raspberry filling and cream cheese frosting, airbrushed to look like flames. Absolutely ah-mazing!!! I got cupcake rings that I placed on top, they were another thing that went into the goodie bags later. Did I mention I forgot to get a platter or something for the cupcakes? I had to improvise…so the “cupcake stand” is a really last minute thing ( a trifle dish turned upside down and stuffed with extra tissue papers)
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As you can tell, we were very happy when it was over too! 🙂
 Happy Birthday, Kalin! We love you so much!
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