The Good People Project

May -July 2013 (89 of 135)

Recently I’ve been debating with myself if I should post about positive experiences that I had with this or that during the week. On one hand, I don’t want anyone to think that I am trying to advertise a brand, product or a person, when I am not( if you’ve been following me for a while, you know I always disclose that), but on the other hand I think we all need a piece of something positive in our life, and I’m thinking, why not this?

Recently, whenever I log into my FB account  all I can see is news on who killed someone, who is being incarcerated, how the healthcare sucks, gas prices are high, people are starving, demonstrations end up in blood baths, mass shootings…should I go on? And that’s before I even get to my friends’ timelines.

So, is it so strange that every single time I see someone do something nice or make me smile, or just plainly being awesome…well, I feel compelled to share. I WANT to share, to show people that they matter that what they do doesn’t go unnoticed and to make them smile the way they made me smile. Yes, I go the extra mile when my server at Red Lobster was extra nice and talk to her/his manager, I fill out positive review forms in my dentist’s office, I call my deli guy’s supervisor to tell him how my cheese was sliced and each piece was separated with a piece of paper, so I don’t have to use 10 pieces at once when they stick together, I contact public relations at Ellis hospital to tell them how their staff made a traumatic experience bearable, just because they cared, and on, and on …And you know what…people notice. Not because it’s me, not because I personally care, but because someone somewhere noticed how they went the extra mile in their work. So, why shouldn’t I go the extra mile and share with as many people as possible? There is so much bad and ugly in our everyday life that we need these little rays of sunshine.

So, I decided to start ” The Good People Project”( TGPP) and I’m inviting you to participate and share with me things, people or situations that made you believe people are good, well meaning, charismatic creatures, who live to share love and help one another. You can post a comment on there any time and I will give the person who you “nominate” for TGPP on my Facebook account, so more and more people can see them. Well, I would rather you don’t nominate your own grandma, but you know what…if she is the kind of awesome that makes life better for people around her- do. And don’t forget to send me a picture, so I can show how the coolest grandma looks like.

 Today I would like to say a long, long overdue shout out to James O’Connor from ” Fleet Feet” for helping me choose the best running shoes I’ve had in my life. It happened a year ago, but I’ve  been feeling bad that I never really wrote about it, and he is one of the people who I don’t personally know, but made an extreme impression on me with being knowledgeable, well meaning and friendly person.

Let’s share the goodness- YOUR TURN!