Happy Birthday, my love!

Alex 37th Bday49

I was really debating if I should publish this post or a different one as my “come back from the dead” ( aka. graduated-with-my-Master’s-degree-and-finally-have-more-time-for-my-blog) post; however, the more I thought about it, the more I felt like it is very appropriate.

Most of you know that behind every great man, there is a woman who makes him look fabulous, feeds him well, inspires him, in other words, takes care of everything that needs taking care of, while her man conquers the world by being great every minute of his day.
Well, we are not talking about that woman today.

We are talking about the man that stood behind me, through thick and thin, while I was juggling graduate school, a job, a house, two kids, a dog, 4 fish ( 2 of them died, RIP) and a chameleon every single day for the past 730 days. Was it though? You betcha’! Did he regret it? I think I made him regret it more than once although he would never officially admit it, but that’s OK, I regretted it every day until I graduated, so he gets a free pass. 🙂

Alex 37th Bday23

So, this amazing man, named Alex, became 37 yesterday, and since the best thing I could think of to write on his card ( check out the size of that card, huh) was a poem I wrote for his birthday, I think it might be worth sharing. It’s called ” To Alex”, check it out if you want. All I can say about him is in this poem. No more, no less.

While I do intend to publish the recipes I made for his B-day, with the exception of the banana cream pie because it is a friend’s super-duper-top-secret family recipe, which is COMPLETELY to die for (why otherwise I will make it instead of a cake, right?), I cannot but brag about the present that I made him.
Alex got his blue belt in Jiu Jitsu recently. He’s been working on this for the past 2 years and it’s been tough. So, I decided that the best present ( on top of everything else) will be a woodburned belt holder for him to display each new belt, cover the word that this belt signifies( in the meaning that he conquered it) and think about the next challenge ahead. It was an insane task, since I had to woodburn the whole thing in a couple of hours, when he wasn’t  home. I can’t tell you how much my hand hurt afterwards, but just seeing this smile was completely worth it.

Alex 37th Bday62
The woodburned belt stand has the logo of his Jiu Jitsu club and I would like to send a special shout out to Peter Borgia for helping me out on the Jiu Jitsu Belts symbolism. Thanks, Pete!
Unfortunately, I don’t have a better picture of it ( yet), so this one will have to do.
Alex 37th Bday64
Wow…that is a LONG post. Sorry if you guys got bored, but I completely and totally missed you and I intend on spending much more time with you from now on. I have a ton of content piled up and waiting to be published, so buckle up, it’s going to be a bumpy ride! 

Before I finish this post so you can take a breath, I want to say this:

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MY LOVE, you are my everything and you make everything worth it!!!
Alex 37th Bday9