The Casual Vacancy

This is exactly how I imagined JK Rowling’s comeback. It is a TRUE book that should be judged on its own merit ( I love HP books, if that matters). Once you clear your mind of any expectations about what this book should and shouldn’t be, you will find a rare and profoundly moving literary work of an amazing writer. English( American) is my second language and yes, I understood and enjoyed every bit of the book( I’m mentioning it because a lot of people commented on the “trouble” they had with reading the book because of British English). Not only that, I swear I “saw” the future movie in my head while I was reading it, including I now have my own “cast” for it, because as much as JK Rowling denies that this is a “filmable” book, I sincerely doubt she believes it. The book is excellent, her writing is even better.
I highly recommend for people who enjoyed Muriel Barbery and her ” Elegance of the Hedgehog”- a book about life at its most beautiful, most ugly and most truly real.
Hats off, Ms. Rowling!