Online Reference Service Presentation for librarians

For the past two semesters I had the privilege to work with an amazing partner on two group assignments, and I am very proud of what our collaboration resulted in. That is why I wanted to share with you  one of our new creations- a presentation on Online reference service, the target audience is librarians, but it can be very useful for patrons as well. We enjoyed making this presentation very much and I sincerely hope you will enjoy it too.

( Use full screen, it is a much better experience)
Link to presentation on YouTube (just in case)

Part of the fun was that we got to include our own artistic creations. Jeremy Hall ( my project partner) created the music, I did the artwork.
This is my first experience with crating many digital images and I am so glad I practiced with my Wacom Bamboo Create Pen and Touch Tablet (CTH670), because it turned out to be much more complicated and time consuming than I expected. Digital drawing turned out to be much different than regular drawing. 🙂

These are the supplemental materials, which we referred to in the presentation, in case you would like to learn  more about the topic we were discussing. I realize that it took us a long time to finish that presentation, but it was totally worth it and one of the most interesting class projects we had o far.

Jeremy is not only the best group project partner I had ever had, but also a very talented musician (his band’s name is Blue Coyote). If you would like to contact Jeremy and his band, you can write him an e-mail.  Here is their latest album, which I really like!

 Let us know what you think, we would appreciate your comments!