11 years

It’s amazing how time flies!
Immersed in the everyday stuff…dealing with all kinds of good and bad things in our life we often forget that.

Me included.

I still cannot believe we just celebrated our 11th anniversary with my better half!
Every year is special…but not because of presents, actually we have an agreement not to spend money or spend very little, but to give or do things that mean something for the other person. Trust me, this is much more difficult task!

So, this year I did something I knew my husband wants since he was a teenager and finding something like that with him needs more than preparation and opportunity! It needs luck! And not a little bit of it!

But, this time chance was on my side! I found that one of my husband’s favorite bands since he was a teenager have a concert very close to our home! What a better present for it, right?
11 anniversary present0001  11 anniversary present0002

I got the tickets and I wrote him 10 letters- one for the first ten years we were married with only one word in them:
1- Guess
2- Where
4- Will
6- in
7- Exactly
8- 30
10- ?

The last, eleventh letter had the tickets and a love note from me.

Then I tied them with a red ribbon and packed them in a “shirt” box, leaving the impression there would be clothes inside ( not a very inspirational gift, right?;-).

11 anniversary present0003

He absolutely loved it…in fact he loved it so much, that he made one of the best surprises for me EVER! I don’t usually like surprises, first because I almost always guess, second, because I don’t always like them,
But this was way and beyond! 🙂

Thank you, my love, my soul mate, my friend!