So, here is what happened.

Typical Wednesday, waiting for my son to come back from school.

My phone rings. The neighbor ( an elderly lady) wants to remind me to trim the bushes on the side of the house.


 I was 100% sure we cut those bushes last Fall.
It turns out my husband thought they look great when they are taller then him, so he didn’t feel the need to trim them. Well, it seems our neighbor doesn’t share his excitement of having a “privacy jungle” on the side of the house so I had no choice but to start trimming them myself.

I grab the electric trimmer ( a small one!) and soon I find out that the branches are too thick to trim, rather I need to cut most of them with a saw.

Double great.
I grab the hand saw ( noooo, no electric one! It would have been so easy with electric one and where is the fun in that, huh?) and start cutting.

Now, if you are 5.2′ tall person and you try to “trim” 9.5 ft high bushes you might think you’ll need something to protect your head, maybe protective glasses and gloves too, right?

Yeah, not me. I go with the flow, the natural way.

So, naturally I got some very nasty natural scratches and natural scrapes and my hair was braided with natural branches and natural leaves allover.

Veeery natural indeed!

So, while I was trimming and cursing ( in my mind, there are kids around, don’t get too excited) I got overexcited using the” power tool” ( aka. the small electric trimmer) after a long hacking and sawing of the larger branches and I swung too close by the power cord.

What do you know, power cords were made of rubber! Flash and sparks and big “surprise”- I cut the extension cord.

Triple great.

Going to the store.
While browsing through the isles to find a new extension cable I  have the intense feeling I’m being watched. I turn around and I see these 2 ladies over the cake decorating isle that are looking very intensively at me.

 I start to look around at my clothes and hair (I mean I cleaned up before I went to the store, but you never know) to see if there is something wrong with me.

Nope, I didn’t find a thing wrong with me but 5 minutes later, they are still looking at me, but now they are talking excitedly about something.

Now I’m puzzled.

I decided to pass them by on one side, so if I know them and for some cosmic reason I have no recollection that I should know them, they can have the chance to say hi.

Well, they didn’t say a thing to me, but passing them by I overheard them talking about…………” Annie’s Art book” !

Now, that was a surprise!

I turned around and I see one of the ladies very excitedly saying, ” Oh, my Gosh, it’s her!” while smiling with this huge smile at me. 😉

What do you know…I am famous and I didn’t even know that!

Isn’t it GREAT?!!!  🙂 


 P.S to the two nice ladies from the store:  Hi! 🙂