Full Frontal- The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Most of the (nice) things you experience for a first time in your life are exciting and even though you can enjoy them again and again later, nothing can compare with that first moment.
Recently when talking to a friend about my first visit to the Met I described it as a ” Kung-Fu Panda” experience.
Remember when Po, the Kung Fu panda walked in the Sacred Hall of Warriors for the first time?
No? Well, take a look:

Yep, that pretty much sums up how I walked in the Met- trying to devour every I can, yet wanting to stay and look at each thing in detail! I was a version of the ” Flying Dutchman” and Hercules, with a bag with water, snack and clothes, a stroller, a camera bag + camera, a map and 2 kids. 
First we ended up in the Greek Sculpture section. I have only seen these on a picture  and since I  love Greek mythology it was unbelievable for me to see them in person! I wish I had the time to make couple sketches, but  there was so much time I can stay. 
A beautiful sculpture of Artemis, just look at the detail!
Metropolitan Museum0004Metropolitan Museum0006

My son loves the movie about Hercules and he was very excited to see the sculpture of course, and a soldier head on the right.
Metropolitan Museum0003 Metropolitan Museum0008

I remember when I was 15 I drew a black and white pencil drawing of a similar ornament, very beautiful!
Metropolitan Museum0009
Then we proceeded toward the Egyptian collection. They were showing Tutankhamen’s Funeral, my kids loved it 🙂
Metropolitan Museum0020

I absolutely loved this one:
Metropolitan Museum0021

Look at this Roman mosaic! Isn’t it magnificent?
Metropolitan Museum0023

Is this made by a human?!
Metropolitan Museum0045

Simply breathtaking!
Metropolitan Museum0051

Indian stone carving, what can be better?
Metropolitan Museum0058

I wish I had more time to look at this marble Buddha! It’s absolutely perfect!
Metropolitan Museum0060

Let’s not forget modern Japanese art! Artificial rock-
Metropolitan Museum0062

This reminds me of the old school Bulgarian masters
Metropolitan Museum0073

Metropolitan Museum0039

If you would like to take a look at more pictures I made when I visited the Met, you can visit my Flickr album. 
I am definitely going back! I need to spend some time there, read, look, learn! 
I know that the pictures I showed you today cannot compare to seeing the artworks in person, but it’s a teaser! Go, go and look for yourself, find yourself in it and share your excitement with us!