Kindle DX vs. Kindle 6″

Ok, I have a dilemma.
I’ve written couple of times on the blog that I want to get Kindle and I almost ordered it 2 days ago but now I am having second thoughts. Initially I wanted to get the 6″ one, but yesterday i heard Amazon is releasing on Jan 19th a new version, with Global Wireless called DX.

VS .

Now I am wondering, which one I should get and I need some help.
I wanted to ask you what do you think, is the DX worth double the money?

I mean, this is one of the important things, how much it costs, but if it’s worth it, I can probably wait a little bit until they lower the price.
Maybe I am not even asking the right question, maybe I should better ask is the 6″ Kindle still worth 250$?

A quick overview:
– the DX is with a bigger display ( 9.7″ vs. 6″), I wear glasses, so I would prefer the bigger screen, but wouldn’t it be too large to carry around?

– Both have a Global Wireless, which is good news, very important feature for me.

-One of the biggest differences is in the storage capacity– the 6″ Kindle can store up to 1.500 books, the DX can store 3.500 books.Does that really matter that much? I mean…1.500 might sound like a lot, but is it really? I remember when we got my kids’ Tag reader, I thought, when would they ever get 15 book on that thing, and now it’s a huge problem and I am constantly adding and removing books from there.

-Both have books under 60 sec, 3G wireless, Native PDF Support, Text-to-Speech and Whispersync.

-However, the DX has a new feature, Auto Rotating Display, compared to the Kindle 6″ that has only Manual Rotation.

-And of course there is the issue with the price Kindle 6″ for $259.00 vs. Kindle DX for $468.00.

What would you do- buy a 6 inch right away that “would do the job”, it won’t have all of the new features and would cost $260, which is a lot of money anyway, or should I wait for the price to drop on the DX and get that one?