” What happened to you?!”

That’s the question I’ve been asked more than 10 dozen times the last 2 weeks.
I’m still here, I’m alive, although I’ve been fighting some nasty virus that was trying to keep me in bed as much as possible, and I of course hate that.
So, I’m recovering well and I’m under pressure for the next big thing I’m about to announce!

I’m going to be at Vitoria Adamo Day Spa on 13 and 14th of November, showing my boxes and cards, maybe some hats, paintings etc, so if you want to stop buy and say hi, I’ll be there! 🙂

As you can imagine, I am working on boxes, candle holders, picture frames, etc with the woodburner and I haven’t even started on the cards. 🙁 I wish I wasn’t sick but what can you do?!

So, that’s why I didn’t have too much time to post, I hope you will excuse me, but just wanted to let you know what is to come. And here is the schedule:

– 1st of October- The Cake Challenge starts, the theme is ” 3D” cakes. I hope I can manage to make one, because I want to donate it for the Harvest Hoedown at my son’s school.

– 3&4 of October- I’ll write an article about the Native American Festival in Saratoga Springs. I hope the weather would be OK. It’s every 2 years and it’s amazing!

– 6th of October- My Watercolor classes start.

– 8th of October- the Oil painting classes start ( I intend to keep you updated on both classes as much as I can)

– 23th of October- I have to have that cake ready for the Harvest Hoedown, so wait for the post and pictures! I hope I can manage to make a tutorial as well.

– 1st of November- The discussion and revealing of the cakes from the Cake Challenge begin.

– 13&14 of November- I’m at the spa not to relax,but to show my art&craft things.

And these are the things that I’ll post about…not to mention the things I have on the side, like school stuff, extracurricular activities and trivial things like cooking dinners etc 🙂

So, check whenever you can, I promise I’ll post the new crafts as soon as I can. I’ll have more updates on the Food blog, since I have some recipes just waiting to be shared!

Enjoy the colorful Autumn, my favorite season!