” Julie&Julia”- the movie

The scene:
Early morning yesterday.
I’ve send Kid No.1 to school, my husband to work and was trying to catch some more Z’s after a long night ( a lot of pyrographed boxes for the festival).

5 minutes after I snuggled with Kid No.2 and closed my eyes for a second time my cell rings.
Now, before I continue let me tell you something about my cell phone. You probably have heard about people buying an alarm clock by the way the alarm sounds, right? That’s how I chose my cell phones- the nastier, the better. In other words, my cell phone is my alarm clock and it’s alarm can wake up the dead. Seriously.
So, my phone rang but I was so tired that I couldn’t open my eyes before I picked it up, so I had no idea who is calling at first, but tried to sound ” not sleepy” anyway.

The conversation:
( very sleepy me)
– Yeees?
( a quite awake and fresh, but with great urgency voice on the other side)
– You’ve got to find somebody to drop the kids off tonight!!! Call your friends, just find somebody!!!

That’s a lot of exclamation points for this early in the morning, after you worked the whole night before, believe me! After the 1 min of total silence that took me to process what I’ve just heard I came to 2 conclusions:
1. that was my husband
2. he wants me to get rid of the kids for the night

What on earth could that mean? We rarely go anywhere, so something must have happened! As a good wife, mother and woman, the kaleidoscope of Apocalypse pictures runs full speed trough my head. He finally says:
– I have a surprise for you!
That does it. A surprise is a big red flag, so the yellow light and the siren in my head have me awake in no time.
– What kind of surprise? What are you talking about? Did something happen? Are you all right? ( and so on and so forth with the speed of light)
As you can probably tell, I am not very big on surprises. Quite honestly, it’s not that I don’t like them. It’s just I can’t be surprised easily and the few times anybody managed, it was far from a pleasurable experience, so I have my reasons.
He goes:
– Do you want to be surprised or not?
– I would rather not, if you may.

Now for a 10 year marriage my beloved husband have learned not to question my quirkiness with things like that so:
– Well, I just got a pass for a pre premier showing of ” Julie& Julia”
There is a big loud scream on my side at this point and then:
– Oh, my God, oh my God!!!! How? Who? When? How???
– It’s in the fingers, baby! It turns out your husband is quite fast?

Now I’m puzzled what he means while he laughing clarifies that :
– One of the colleagues sent an e-mail saying she has a pass for 2 for the movie and asked if anybody wants it. I guess I was the first one to respond with and e-mail. ( he is quite smug about it) 🙂
And I’m happy! Boy, you can’t imagine how happy I am! Going out on a week night to see a movie I very much wanted to see, with no kids and with a perfect excuse to wear my new black skirt and show the world how much weight I’ve lost 😉
God bless the colleagues with passes and the husbands with fast fingers! ( and remind me to bake this lady something!)

A hundred million plans go through my head and until I finally find somebody to take care of the kids for the night.
Now I’m afraid that something might jinx us ( as it usually happens with parents) and somebody might get sick or something, so I keep my mouth shut and pray. I can’t believe this! I have NEVER seen a movie before it officially comes out in the movie theaters! And I sooooo wanted to see this movie!
It was only poring cats and dogs outside! Yupeeee!!!

While walking out of the theater with my fancy strap sandals my feet got wet, but I didn’t feel it. I could have been run over by a car and I wouldn’t feel it! I was writing! I was writing in my mind this review and I had all these phrases that I wanted to use and all this cool stuff to say….I couldn’t wait to get home, jump in my pj’s, grab a cup of tea and write!And that’s what I am doing right now, though I’ll probably publish this post tomorrow, since it’s very late and I don’t want to publish stuff I am not sure I didn’t write half asleep ( it actually happened one time! :-).

So, for those of you ( shame on you!) who don’t know what is the movie about you can see the trailer of course, but in a couple of words, the movie is about Julie Powell and Julia Child. Julie Powell started a project- a year assignment to make every single recipe in Julia Child’s cook book. They are both real and their stories are real. The movie is based on Julie Powell’s book and it is a parallel between the two women’s lives.

All in all, I loved the movie, but why is the more serious question. I have a simple answer.
I loved it, because I could very much relate to it. It’s like it was written about me, like my life was on the screen and I could see it from the perspective of someone, sitting in a movie theater, nibbling on popcorn and saying ” Yes, you are indeed like that”.

I’ve got the list, I’m not kidding:
– Turning 30 this year- check
– Crazy about cooking – check
– Looking for my life’s meaning and purpose- check
– Lovely, supporting husband- check
– a Blogger blogger- check
– series of unfortunate events happening through life- check
– A passion to write but not sure if I can- check

What else is missing?
Aaaah, the happy ending of course!!! Hm….is it, really? Is it too late? Too early?

We’ll see( about that) !!! 🙂 🙂 🙂