Harry Potter and the Half-blood Prince Movie Review

I just came home from the movie theater and I simply had to share with you, otherwise it would have burst out of me like an alien.

I have very mixed feelings about this movie.

For me it’s maybe the most controversial from the series ( and I have seen them all a million times).
I am honestly puzzled! What is the target audience that David Yates aims, seriously? Is it teenagers? Is it kids? Is it adults? I have been sitting in the theater and I have been trying to figure that out, but I really couldn’t tell. The poor guy is trying so hard, that he totally missed the point of creating this movie!

And the poor editing, ah the poor editing!!! The movie seemed like separate shots glued together with Windows movie maker! And this is the theatrical version, God help us when the DVD comes out!

So, let me sum up the movie for you,
-one moment Harry is having this teenage crisis with girls, the next one he is dumb-struck from a luck potion, sheepish smiles everywhere,Hermione is one moment crying, then she is attacking Ron with humming birds, her date is throwing up on Snape’s shoes, Harry almost kills Draco in the restroom and then just walks out of it with waltzing steps without anybody saying him a word about it,a lot of snogging everywhere, a lot of “funny” ( dumb and dumber style)moments, 5 minutes of Daniel Radcliffe’s T-shirt in the right corner and Dumbledore’s beard in the left corner of the screen ( when he is dead),Dumbledore takes interest in Harry’s love life (what the heck was that all about?!)…should I go on?

Seriously, it looked like half ( if not all) of the actors in the set were playing high most of the time. I have seen these people ACT and they are brilliant! What on earth is this director thinking into leading them to act like lunatics?!

I grant Yates couple of things that were OK, like the bridge attack and the moment everybody in the school sees Dumbledore is dead and raising their wands, I liked the metaphor of burning Weasley’s house, although it’s not in the book I think it served it’s purpose, but other than that there were a lot more important things that were omitted and I don’t even dare predict what are they going to pull out of their hats to fix that in the next 2 movies.

And it’s not like they lacked time, it’s almost 3 hour movie for Pete’s sake!

I have learned ( through practice) to look at the other movies as a separate entity, not as a book transcript and this have served me well though the years. I have really, really enjoyed all of them, once I ignored my knowledge of the books. This of course is true for the most movies shot by a book too.
But I have a real difficulty with this one. I am totally confused by it and by what exactly was the director’s intention on adding new totally useless stuff and skipping really important parts.

So, in other words I’ll watch it again, but only because I am such a huge fan of the series and I love the actors in the movie and when I watch it, I’ll imagine how the things happened in the book and how the movie SHOULD HAVE been shot.

But for me, David Yates showed us AGAIN he is the wrong person for the job by taking this huge budget, this brilliant set of actors and turning an amazing book into a bunch of rubbish.

Well, he succeeded in one thing. I’m seriously starting to pray everyday that somebody finally puts him out of his misery and finishes the job he is obviously unqualified and incapable of doing.
Undoubtedly a masterpiece massacre in my eyes!