4th of July in Boston- part 1

Hi all,
I am back from Boston and I have piles and piles of work waiting, so I would be really short today! I want to finish everything I have left ASAP so I can start posting all the stuff that is waiting in line to be released on the site.

All in all, I took a vacation.
Something that NEVER happens to me, but my father-in-law is visiting and here we are, planing a trip after trip, discovering the beauty of the US 5 ( for some 10) years later. I am completely aware how this sounds, but it’s not personal ( to the US I mean), really!

It’s just me and my husband, we never take a day of.
We do have “days off” that we are constantly trying to take a day off from, because these are the days when we do everything else ( tons of work usually) that is left aside for another day.

So it’s kind of strange for me to not be able to do any work. I turned off my cell phone, I didn’t bring my laptop ( but I kind of cheated a little bit with checking my e-mail once which is very much an improvement, believe me ), but I’ve finished a book I started reading earlier, so I consider this vaccation very “green”. And green is cool, right? 🙂

We spent 4 amazingly relaxing days! We stayed with a very close friend of mine and her family. They were gracious hosts enough to welcome us in their home even though they have 3mo. old baby and just moved into this house. It was very generous and nice from them.

I have a thing for Boston. At this point I am not sure what kind of thing though.
Is it that I am in love with it or it’s just a rebound “relationship”? I am saying a rebound, because my hometown Varna is very much like Boston. And I miss my hometown…No! I miss the sea…And Boston gives me that and more, the feeling is like … home. But I don’t feel at home in Boston somehow.
It attracts and repels me at the same time.
I was happy I got the chance to know it better and I miss it, but I really missed home ( my home here!) more. I was so glad when we got back, that I spend whole 3 hours showering my house with care.

We visited a lot of different places and I have a lot of pictures. What I lack is HDD LoL! I just have to buy one of these portable ones I guess, because I am dying here! I have so many pictures that I don’t have the space ( and time) to manage them anymore.
How do you guys cope with that???
Well, ( sigh) wish me luck, since I really have to find a way to do it today, so I can show you Boston through my eyes in the next posting :-).

Oh, and I have more food, cakes, reviews and scrapbooking projects for you, that just wait to be presented!
Now that I am here, I’ll be posting every day again, check whenever you can, because there is so much stuff, I can even post twice a day.

Happy 4th of July, everybody!!!