The Twilight series

I am ashamed of myself and looking down at my shoes. Did this really happen to me?!
I was so against the whole hysteria with Twilight and I refused to read the books. I was very prejudiced that they would be corny and teenage-y and “not-good-enough-for-a Harry-Potter-fan” to read.

But…I hurt my back and I was aching allover and I couldn’t move. I am a very, very energetic person and lying down for 3 straight days was something I couldn’t take. I had to do something but in this position there was not much to do. On top of that I was so angry I couldn’t get up that I wasn’t in the mood for something very deep and inspirational. I just wanted to take my mind off things.

It so happened we were at the store, where I was buying a medicine for my back and I saw that “Twilight” and the second book ” New moon” were $5 each and I thought how bad a book can be to be sold for $5 each and they were a lot of pages, so I was sure they would get me through the next 2 days.

* Remind me to post about why you should get a Kindle if you are reading flat on your back books over 500 pages.

I started a little suspicious ( well, maybe not so little) and was ready to jump up in every page and say ” Hay, this is one crap piece of literature”.
But I didn’t.

At first I was surprised, then I was ashamed that I ” gave up and gave in”.
I am not sure what happened to be honest. Were my expectations too low so no matter how bad it was I would have liked it or it was really good? I wasn’t sure and I had to check. I made my husband run to the store and by me the next 2 ( by the way the whole 4 books I read in 3 days) books- ” Eclipse” and ” Breaking Dawn”.
Then after I read them I started the series again, just to check what would I think about the writing now.
It wasn’t bad!

I think that Stephenie Meyer did her homework pretty well and the writing wasn’t as bad as you expect from this kind of books. And it did take my mind off things, which was the initial purpose, so overall I think I like them.

“Twilight” was the beginning of the story…you can’t read the rest without it and it was intriguing.

“New moon” I would say I liked the best. I could relate to a lot of feelings Bella had at this time and I really appreciate the way the author wrote about them.

“Eclipse” again, I had some moments I could relate to ( not the whole vampire thing but others LoL) and it was still keeping the suspense what would happen next.

“Breaking Dawn” is a whole other story! The first time I read it, it just fell flat for me. Splat!And we were drinking human blood from sippy cups with a straw! P-u-h-lease! It was nothing I expected, some parts were utterly ridiculous and I didn’t like it.

However, after I started reading “The Host” by Stephenie Meyer again, I decided to give it a try again. I liked it better the second time and I think I know why I didn’t like it the first time. She totally switched her style of writing on the last book! It went too much sci-fi and I blame “The Host”! 🙂
Anyway, I haven’t finished “The Host” yet, so I am going to write about it later.

I read a ton of books recently, I just need the time to post about them all 🙂
Reviews to follow!!!