Heil garden

Our front yard garden
Ok, when your in-laws are coming, everything needs a major do-over.
My house is no exception.

Our front yards was with non-existing garden, broken steps, ugly door, the concrete of the front was falling apart, because the very ” handyMAN” that lived there before us tried to fix that ( yes, you know who you are, don’t look at the ceiling!) et cetera, et cetera. For the record, I fixed that with my two on hands in 30 minutes. Unfortunately, you can’t see this in these pictures because I took them before we painted and fixed the stairs.
Our front yard garden

Of course you have so much time in 24 hours, so I just gave up the idea of fixing all of it, but I could at least do something. I fixed the porch ( it looks like a French cafe now, minus the dog bowl of course), cleaned ( and put in order) the garage and i had only one thing left- the front yard.

Our front yard garden

So, my darling husband and I decided to fix that teeny weensy problem the weekend before my father-in-law comes to visit. You can imagine that none of us had actually and idea how much time and work it’s going to take, because we thought we are going to be finished in a day. Well, almost.

And almost it was.
But the garden turned out beutiful!
And I finally had something to do with all these rocks we had in the back yard.
And we kept our budget under 300$( with the tools!) which was very nice indeed.

So, we dug, we scraped, we pulled roots and trimmed bushes and finally it was potting time. It was my first time but at least I got it that we had to buy some plating soil and kind of help the plants adjust go the new place better. Like a welcome present if you like.

So here it is, from left to right:
1.Our front yard garden 2.Our front yard garden
3.Our front yard garden 4. Our front yard garden
5. Our front yard garden

And they looked beautiful! The colors were perfect!
Our front yard garden

When you add that we painted black between the bricks on the front of the house, the garden looked so much better than it was before that I couldn’t believe we managed to do that ourselves.
Our front yard garden

Our front yard garden

Until…the next day we had a terrible storm and enormous amounts of hail just leveled it to the ground.

And the heil that damaged it the next day And the heil that damaged it the next day
I could not believe my eyes!!! I cried of course and I was angry, but there was nothing I can do.
And the heil that damaged it the next day And the heil that damaged it the next day