The Fringe Benefits of Failure, and the Importance of Imagination

The commencement speech of J.K Rowling at the Annual Meeting of the Harvard Alumni Association”
This is one of the best and most inspiring speeches I’ve ever heard! Not that I am fan of J.K Rowling, but especially considering it as a commencement speech ( usually the speaker is as bored as the audience), it brought me to tears and it made me laugh in 20 minutes!
Although J.K Rowling was obviously very nerveous beeing infront of the audience, but who isn’t? I remember when I had to speak at a Commencement ceremony and 500 people were stareing at me, I thought I would have a heart attack, and the University definitely wasn’t Harvard :-). She just blew me away today! She is very earthly, very real, to the point you can feel her pain and join her joy just by listening to her! She is one of the people I would love to meet someday!
I hope you enjoy the speech as much as I did!