It’s Spring Cleaning Day, as Rabbit said

No food today, sorry guys 🙂
I have been extremely busy since the beginning of the year, an awful start for that matter, many bad things happened but I am looking deeply in Phil’s eyes ( I am talking about the groundhog, honey,relax) and I can just see it there…the Spring coming! No matter the shadow, he is telling me in a hypnotic voice ” The sooner Spring cleaning day comes, the sooner Spring comes!”. So, (un-)voluntarily I go to Lowe’s and pick up the whole paint( -brush) paraphernalia, and head home relaxed, broke and happy!
Today is Spring Cleaning Day! Let’s go guys!!!
Hmmm guys?
Where is everybody?!
Oh, yeah! NOW you remembered you had a dentist appointment?!
And you have homework?!
Yeah, right!!!
Well, it turns out ( surprisingly of course, the sleepy eyes in the store and the bored look were just signals they are tired…right?!) I am the only one that got the renovation bug.
Surprise, surprise!
Well, I have so many cakes to make this season, that I just can’t imagine when I’m going to find the time to make them, but I’ll keep you posted and when there is anything new, I’ll definitely update you.
Now I’m going to look at palette colors and decide between Orange gaze and Pumpkin pleasure for the kitchen!