Like Cheetos but better!

When I first went gluten free I was trying to come to terms with the fact that some snacks I used to enjoy will just be off limits from now on. Goodbye pretzels! So long yummy cheesy puffs!

But the more I got into gluten free things, the more I discovered that not only I can enjoy some of the snacks I used to like, but I can actually find much better and healthier alternatives.

I know that usually in this section I spend time discussing meals that I prepare and that is great. However, I feel that there is so much about gluten free food that I don’t know yet and I need to discover! I was thinking, wouldn’t it be great though if I share what I already know? If I can find a way to help at least one person enjoy something they were missing because they couldn’t find a gluten free version, it will be worth spending time talking about this and what a better place than my blog, right?

So, these amazing puffs are not only gluten free but they are also baked ( I can’t eat fried stuff either). They are trans fat free as well as peanut and tree nut free. Are they something you should eat every day and live on? No, but from time to time it is nice to be able to enjoy a healthier version of a non-healthy snack.

At last, as if I didn’t recommend them enough, did I mention they are made with sunflower oil, which is one of my absolute favorite too?

* Disclaimer: I am not associated with the company that made this product in any way and this is not a sponsored post.