Happy Easter, 2013!

In general, my family is supposed to celebrate the orthodox Easter, which is May 5th. However, since we moved to the States ( more years that I would care to actually count), we have embraced the idea of “international” holidays, combining traditions from Bulgaria and US.
This year, Easter in the US is much earlier than previous years. Since my father-in-law is visiting us for a short period of time, we decided to celebrate Easter tomorrow, instead in May ( or maybe we’ll celebrate it in May again, that’s the awesomeness of having international cultural background).

The kids had a blast coloring eggs with their Grandpa ( their first time ever).
Annie Presentation (1 of 9)
They did awesome, didn’t they? I just love Ellie’s portrait of her and Kalin on the purple egg. Check out the green MineCraft creeper in greenish-blue.
I also had a blast creating magic in the kitchen involving tons of baking as usual:
Easter breads…( check out the recipe here)
Annie Presentation (9 of 9)
Easter sweet croissants…( check out the recipe here)
Annie Presentation (4 of 9)
And banana cream pie, which unfortunately didn’t get to take a picture of. It was eaten as soon as it was cool enough. 
 Tomorrow we’ll have Easter egg hunt, traditional Bulgarian “egg fight” and American Easter lunch with glazed ham. Hurray for international traditions! 
From my family to yours, Happy Easter, no matter which day you celebrated on or if you celebrate it at all!  Be happy!