Happy Easter 2012

Easter 201213

The great thing about having Orthodox Easter in USA is that usually it is a week later, so you can catch all the Easter sales.
The bad thing about having Orthodox Easter in the USA is that usually it is a week later, and your kids are expecting to celebrate both, which means Easter Bunny comes too.

Between school, work and kids, I absolutely forgot about both.
Thankfully, yesterday I remembered and managed to run to the store for some last minute things. It was a very long day today and I was so  tired that I felt like taking a nap when the Easter breads were rising, but I couldn’t take a chance, in case I woke up next week. At one point I couldn’t even get myself to start the breads and eggs, but against all odds, I made it!

Easter 201201
(That’s me before I started the breads, I took a picture as evidence to all of you that think I have 10 hands and  they all do different things at the same time. Sorry to disappoint you. 🙂
Yeah, yeah, I’m extremely tired, blah, blah..what’s new.

Well, something new is that I just figured out today that you can draw with good markers on eggs. That of course happened after the egg decorations went in the garbage by accident. Who said the best inventions happened by accident? 🙂

Easter 201205

I’m off to eat some Easter breads and then to literally sink in my pillow.

Happy Easter everyone!

P.S:Need the recipe for this yumminess? No problem, check it out here in both Bulgarian and English!