Happy Easter!

* My Easter breads 2011
Easter breads 201107

When my garden starts blooming ( in spite of the cold weather), when I start baking the Easter breads and everything smells of lemon and cinnamon, and when I start smelling the grass in the morning, seeing the bright green blades showing I know it’s Spring. It’s not Spring, with blooming trees and bees and buzzing everywhere ( yet) but it’s Spring enough to make me feel the awakening of everything around me.

* My Easter breads 2011
Easter breads 201106

I have this tradition to share Easter breads and eggs with my friends and neighbors in memory of the people I have lost and this makes me appreciate the people I have now even more.

 * Flowers fro my garden 2011

Palm Sunday 201103

I wish all of you happy and healthy year and I hope you enjoy Spring as much as I do! 

P.S If you like my Easter breads, you might want to check out my traditional recipe and my recipe with filling.