Bulgarian Christmas Eve in the US in pictures – 2010

 What is Christmas without sweets? Thank you, Tannita for the wonderful Turkish delight Melting moments!
     Melting moments cookies9    Melting moments cookies5

Bulgarian baking soda flat bread ( on Christmas we can’t have “live” ingredients in our bread)

Christmas 2010-222   Christmas 2010-223

Candles, fresh fruit, nuts, whole onions and garlic in hope to bring abundance next year
  Christmas 2010-26
Dolmades with yogurt dressing

Christmas 2010-219

Sauerkraut salad ( withe leeks, olives and carrots), fresh homemade yogurt for the dolmades and organic farm honey for the bread. 

    Christmas 2010-25

Grilled sweet ( red and yellow) peppers and grilled eggplant, marinated in olive oil, vinegar, spices, parsley and garlic. 
Christmas 2010-210

Navy beans stew with vegetables in traditional clay pot, served with handmade wooden ladle…
Christmas 2010-24   Christmas 2010-213

… in clay pot mini soup tureens
Christmas 2010-23
Traditional tikvenik ( pumpkin and phyllo dough pastry)
Christmas 2010-29

Traditional table cloth and clay pottery
Christmas 2010-22

But nothing else is better than the smiles and love that we shared that night…
Christmas 201016
Merry Christmas, everyone and may you all have a healthy and happy New year!

P.S: There are some things I didn’t manage to catch with the camera that night, like the traditional Oshav drink with dry fruit and wine and more of the sweets, but that night there were things more important than the pictures and I know you will forgive me!