I am week 9 contest winner!!! :-)

I’ve posted 2 recipes in the Athens Food Phyllo Dough contest some time ago and imagine my surprise, when I just found out that I won week 9’s prize!!!Isn’t that amazing? I didn’t even know! I totally forgot about it and here it is ” Week 9 winner” title right next to my post! 🙂

I am really happy! After a long, stresful and very busy week, that was a good thing for me to know before going to bed! 🙂

I’ve posted my recipes for Zelnik and Tikvenik and the Zelnik recipe won. .

If you like this recipe, you can vote for it here, there would be a “Fan Favorite” prize, so you can help me win that too! 🙂

I know you all missed me, I’ve taken couple of days off because of the spa craft show, that took out the best of me, but I’m back and I’m knocking on your door ” Are you ready for me to blast you off your chair with more craft beauties, more cakes and more recipes?”
What are we waiting for then?? 🙂