A very quick caviar appetizer


In spite of all that glorifying of the black caviar, I just love the red one! Unfortunately I haven’t seen it in the store for the longest time and the one Seafood store we have around here is very far, so I guess black caviar will do 😉

It is very easy recipe and you don’t need to cook anything. Just arranging tasteful bites for you to enjoy with good company and nice drink.

You will need:

1 jar black caviar
1 crispy fresh cucumber
1 stick unsalted butter

Preparation time:
5 min

1. Wash the cucumber and cut in circles.

2. Arrange the crackers on a plate and place a single ( very!) thin slice of butter.


3. Arrange the cucumbers on top of the butter.


4. With a teaspoon ( never touch caviar with metal utensils- only glass, silver, plastic or wooden, because it gives unpleasant metallic taste to the caviar!) place a small amount of caviar on top of the cucumber.

5. Serve cold!

The caviar is a tasteful explosion by itself, so it does not need you to add, to the taste with complicated recipes and ingredients.
The simple, the better if you ask me.