Time for preserves- White cherry jam

July 200920

You are so lucky! Thanks to one of Alex’s colleagues, we found this awesome farm that allows you to pick your own cherries, plums, apples, all kinds of berries, cucumbers, onions, zucchini etc.
We went last weekend and the kids had a blast! It was their first time picking up cucumbers and they loved it! 🙂
My biggest surprise was that the farm had white cherries as well! I haven’t seen them at the store since we left Bulgaria. One of my favorite jams ever is caramelized white cherries.I cannot but share this recipe with you.

You will need:
600 white cherries ( 2.6 lbs)
4 2/3 cup water
5 1/2 cups sugar
1 tsp. citric acid

In a large pot caramelize the sugar until the caramel is very light amber color.
Add the water and bring to a boil until the syrup is as thick as heavy cream.

July 200924

While the syrup is thickening, grab the cherry pitter and have fun 😉
If you are looking for a good one, try this one:

If a 3 year old and a 6 year old can use it, it’s good. I am so lucky they did almost all the cherry pitting for me. 🙂

After the syrup is ready, add the cherry and boil until the color is medium amber. Don’t forget to stir often, but be careful not to squish the cherries, because they are supposed to hold their shape.

* You can check if the the jam is ready when you place a drop in a dry plate. The drop is not supposed to separate on thick jam and watery substance, it should be homogeneous.

10 min before the jam is ready, add one teaspoon citric acid and stir well.
July 200927

Fill the jars with jam and turn them to stay on their lid couple of hours. When the jars are completely cold, bring a pot full of water to a boil and boil them for 10 min each, then place them again on their lids until completely cold.

Although you can eat the jam right away, it tastes better in a couple of days.