Pudding “Day&Night” with raspberries

When I was very little ( 6-7 years old) we lived closer to one of the first big super stores in my city.
The store had a small cafe, that was selling also puddings in plastic cups. My mom, as good as cook as she is was so against me buying anything that can be made at home, but she just didn’t understand how this simple pudding in plastic cups looked in my eyes.

The bottom layer was yelow-ish white, the top was chocolate brown and on top of that there always were 3 raspberries. The pudding was sitting in the cups for so long, that it shrunk a little, the raspberries began to look mushy and their juices were leaking on top of the pudding, but to me, it looked like the best thing ever. 🙂
This is one of the things that reminds me of how life was when I was little, when simply, ordinary things like the good old pudding were enough to make me happy for a day.

Later, when I grew up I started making this kind of pudding at home, and it’s still one of my favorite combinations between pudding and fruit, although my puddings are million years better tasting than the one from my childhood.
This year I made it for the first time for my kids and they loved it!
I hope you enjoy this delish as much as I do! It’s not only wonderfully tasting, but it’s easy to make, cheap as you can get and fast to make( the whole thing takes no more than 15 min)!

You will need:

1 package Jell-O vanilla pudding

1 package Jell-O chocolate pudding

*Note:the prices in the link are for 24 boxes, you get 4 servings from 1 box, just look for it in your local store, it’s $2-$3 a box
4 cups milk( or water, or heavy whipping cream, it depends on how light you want the pudding)
1/2 cup fresh raspberries
5 tablespoons sugar

* Makes 4 ( large!) servings


Place the fresh raspberries in a cup and sprinkle the sugar over the top and leave them in the refrigerator until the sugar is dissolved.


In a large mixing bowl prepare the vanilla pudding according to the instructions on the back of the package ( just mix with milk or watter and beat for 5 min with a hand or stand mixer).
Pour in tall glasses and let it stand for 5 min in the refrigerator.
PuddingDay&Night3 PuddingDay&Night4
Repeat the preparation process with the chocolate pudding, then with a spoon transfer it in the same glasses over the vanilla pudding. Be gentle, so they don’t mix!


Before you serve, add a tablespoon ( or 2) of raspberries on top of the pudding.
You can garnish with whipped cream and cocoa beans. Serve cold!