Easter, my Easter bread story

I am just sitting down for the first time today to enjoy a cup of mint and chamomile tea ( thanks honey!).
Yeah, you guessed right! Sunday is the orthodox Easter, and today I’ve baked for 8 hours ( yes, you’ve read correctly!)!!!
The first time I’ve baked kozunaci ( Bulgarian sweet Easter breads) I was 5 months pregnant with a HUGE BELLY, and when I say huge belly I don’t mean the ” I-ate-one-too-many-cherries” type of bellies. No, I mean ” I-can’t-see-my-feet” one.
Thanks to one wonderful woman, that had posted her recipe 3 years ago(you can see the original recipe here), my family has been able to have real Easters abroad ever since!
These are my very first Easter breads ever:



I was so worried that this was beginner’s luck, that I had trouble convincing myself to bake it again 🙂
Well, next year( 2007) repeated the success with this:


We liked them so much, that I started baking Easter breads on other occasions as well:


But now, I want to show you the ones I’ve done this year:

I even decided to bake some for my son’s school, and since I love the way they look as a whole pastry, not cut, I decided to bake them for the kids in muffin pans, so each one of them can have a smaller version of the big bread 🙂
I hope they like them:

From the same dough I made some crescents with jam and poppy seed:

Overall, I made 6 medium breads, 16 crescents with jam and 22 mini breads:

And now that you are all anxious to try them, I will post the recipe in the next post 🙂
Happy Easter!