Edible Valentine’s day card

We all have heard the expression ” It’s so cute I want to eat it!”, right? Well, now you can! 
I present to you my edible Valentine’s day card, which will be a part of the heart-shaped mini cakes present for my son’s class’ Valentine’s day party.
Valentine's day edible card7

I was in a pickle today, because I had very little time to came up with the idea how to decorate the tray of heart shaped mini cakes for the school. First I was thinking I should decorate each mini cake individually, which would have been nice, if I actually had the time for it. 

Valentine's day edible card4

Then I thought maybe a bouquet of roses on top…but then the kids would have started to fight over the flowers, so then I came up with the idea of an edible Valentine’s day card. I still got to make some roses ( which was my original idea) and it still looks cute, it won’t be a problem for the kids to enjoy it without eating it ( the teacher might even display if she likes) and it’s unusual. 

Valentine's day edible card3

I’m sorry I don’t have a video or pictures of how I made it, I just had so little time today that I was mostly focusing on getting the job done. Basically I didn’t even use cutters for the petals. I got some fondant, some food coloring and started kneading and rolling out pieces with my bare hands. I made the petals so thin with my thumbs believe it or not. I even took a picture of the card in my hand, so you can see how small the roses really are. 
Edible Valentine's day card111

There was no time for mixing icing, so whatever I had to do, I had to do it with only water as a glue, no wires either. And the roses had to be so small, as to dry fast enough. 

Having said that, I think I did a pretty good job, considering the limitations. At least my daughter liked it. 🙂

Valentine's day edible card1
Happy Valentine’s day everyone!