Daisy hat cake!

In August I wrote that I am making 2 cakes in one day- for my birthday girl Ellie and for her friend Ella. They are born on the same date ( 2 years apart) and I was very anxious to agree to make both cakes, since I had no idea what Ellie will want for her cake and how much time it will take me.
You all know that Ellie’s cake was a “tutu” cake, so let’s focus on the one you haven’t seen yet.

I know, I know…it took me almost 3 months to post it, but I hope you still enjoy it none the less!

This of course is the finished cake:
Ella's Cake 20100005

But everything starts with the details…
1. My cakes always start with a sketch. In this case, we had 2 sketches and a lot of changes made in between.  
Ella cake Final  Ella B-day party 5-2
2. The hat that I made- first a fondant hat that I decorated with Royal Icing on top

Cake details Aug 20100003    Cake details Aug 20100011

Cake details Aug 20100014

3. The butterfly, that was not supposed to be on the cake originally
Cake details Aug 20100005  Cake details Aug 2010-20007

4. The cake layers- Devil’s food cake with Lemon Mascarpone filling, fresh raspberries and bananas 


CakeLayersAug20100008   CakeLayersAug20100009

5. And of course the finished cake up close 
Ella's Cake 20100011

Ella's Cake 20100010

Ella's Cake 20100009 Ella's Cake 20100006

One thing I regret is that I did not have “fun” while I was making it. I had very little time from the sketch to the finished product and I was so worried if I am going to be able to finish it on time, that I missed all the fun in between. But this is easy to fix, next year I can do another and plan ahead of time 😉