Kung Fu Panda cake- the final battle!

Tomorrow is my first day off in a long long time and I am planing to do nothing!

Still , I wanted to share with you the final stage of the Kung Fu Panda cake, and since tomorrow I’m doing nothing, there is no better way than today to finish a job!

So here it is, the finished cake!
Kung Fu Panda Cake Final0001
Kung Fu Panda Cake Final0006

The “wishing scrolls”
Kung Fu Panda Cake Final0004

And here it is at the birthday party with the sparkly candles
Kung Fu Panda cake final20001
That’s all for now folks, I’m off to bed!


P.S: If you like this cake, maybe you would want to see how it came to life as an idea? Take a look at this:
– the project
The structure
– The making of Po  
– Po has pants and assembling the cake
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