Kung Fu panda cake teaser 3

A very late night yesterday!
The good news is that the panda is drying better than expected ( for fondant) and I think I’ll be able to put it on the cake and for it to stay the way it should!

The bad news is …it is extremely hot! It’s almost 100 F and no matter the AC, since I use outside refrigerator on the porch ( my “cake” refrigerator”) it’s almost impossible to work! I am dreading the “painting part”, since I have to bring the cake inside. I’ll work as quick as I can, but still it’s nerve wrecking! On top of that I have no idea if the place we are going for the B-day party actually has AC!

Did I mention that whenever all this is over I’ll be very happy?! LoL

Finally, Po has pants! 😉
Kung Fu Panda CakeSecond0001
And the pants are the right color!
Kung Fu Panda CakeSecond0008
The scrolls are ready too!
Kung Fu Panda CakeSecond0002
These are the real Chinese words for Wisdom, Prosperity, Luck, Double happiness, Respect, Success and Knowledge. I though that it would be a great idea to have them next to each candle, so when he blows them it would be like making a wish! the other thing is that I probably would put the candles on the bottom tier, next to the scrolls, not on the top. That way Po would look like ” surrounded” with fire …very mystical! 😉 Kalin absolutely loved my idea, which makes me very happy! 🙂

Doesn’t these look yummy? 🙂
Kung Fu Panda CakeSecond0004   Kung Fu Panda CakeSecond0006
It’s mascarpone filling again ( I can’t help it, I love it! ) and bananas this time with Kalin’s favorite Devil’s food cake. I dipped each banana in lemon juice, let’s hope they’ll not brown!
The top tier!
Kung Fu Panda CakeSecond0005
And covered in fondant 
Kung Fu Panda CakeSecond0009 Kung Fu Panda CakeSecond0010 
Getting there, I know!
I have to go now, so I can start with the drawing on the bottom tier, but let me first put the AC on 65F and freeze everybody at home! 😉
See you later with more pictures!

P.S: If you like this cake, maybe you would want to see how it came to life as an idea? Take a look at this: